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About Me

After attending the R.N.C.B. in Hereford 1978 - 1981,

I qualified as a Piano Tuner Technician gaining a City & Guilds certificate and an A.E.W.V.H. Diploma both with distinction in piano tuning and repairs.

The following two years I worked along side 3 piano tuners for the Bentley Piano Company, who manufactured pianos at Woodchester Mills near Stroud.

I then moved back to Shropshire in order to establish a customer base of my own, tuning for a wide range of people and organisations.

Tuning & Care

Household pianos, are best when tuned at least twice a year. All pianos require tuning from time to time for a variety of reasons. Even if your piano does not get much use, a piano can go out of tune due to such factors as instability of temperature and humidity.

How often a piano should be tuned depends on the usage of the individual piano. In the summer climate, when humidity rises, a piano will rise in pitch. During the winter, when humidity is low, a piano will drop in pitch. A Piano should always be tuned to pitch.

As a piano owner, you should know that instruments left un tuned for over a year are likely to have dropped below concert pitch and will require a pitch raise. In this case, a piano has to be tuned more than once to bring it up to pitch.